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Roof Replacement from Winchester Roofing

Working in Winchester City, Frederick, Clarke, Loudoun, and Warren Counties. Our services include Roof Replacement, Leak Repairs, Painting, Inspections, Maintenance Plans, and more.

Roof Replacement

We know how to make your roof replacement process as smooth and pleasant for you as possible; reducing stress and difficulty. You will work directly with a team lead during the project, always available to explain the process, answer questions, and ensure the project goes smoothly. We take pride in being one out finest roofing companies in Winchester, VA. We are professionals who work hard to get the job done correctly, safely, and quickly every time. No exceptions!

Once you’ve determined that your roof isn’t performing, your first step should be to contact Winchester Roofing. Even if we are one of many roofers you contact, we are confident that our expertise, pricing, and guarantee will be enough to earn your business.

Roof Replacement - What Happen Next?

What happens when we replace our roof? Below is summary of what typically happens during a roof replacement project.

Morning of Day #1: Team Arrival

Today is your day! You’ve made an excellent decision to replace your roof with Winchester Roofing, we have already reviewed the contract together, you’ve selected your product/color, and we have provided copies of all signed documents as well as copies of our license and insurance paperwork.

Step #1: Tear-Off Old Roofing

The Winchester Roofing team will arrive to begin the work! We typically start in the morning; every minute of daylight and good weather is important.

Starting at the edge of the roof, the tear-off of the old roofing material starts. All debris is removed in placed in a debris trailer. A dry in material, which covers the exposed wood and protects your structure’s interior, will be installed as the old roofing material is removed. You never know when an unexpected rain shower might appear, so making sure the structure remains dry is key. The torn-off roofing material will be placed in the debris trailer and will be removed you’re your property. Depending on the size of your home, we will start the shingle installation!

Step #2: Asphalt Shingle Installation

The Winchester Roofing team has removed all of the old roofing material, and installed the dry-in material (keeping the home safe from water damage). The team will start the shingle installation process, this work is typically completed in the same day - We can never be 100% certain until we are onsite and started the roof. Underlying damage is not apparent until the old material is removed. The team will communicate with you during the entire project, providing updates and estimated completion times.

Step #3: Roof Replacement Complete!

No roofing replacement projects are the same, so we will keep you updated every step of the way. You will always be on the same page as our team.

The result, a new roof with a limited lifetime warranty!

Winchester Roofing - Working hard to maintain a reputation as a reliable and trusted local roofing company. Superior service, a price match guarantee, and strong warranties.